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    Hand spun book pages

    30" x 30" | 76cm x 76cm


Hand spun book pages (framed)

30" x 30" | 76 x 76 cm


SHIPS FREE within the UK and the contiguous US.


Artists Bio/Statement

Noelle Hamlyn is a fibre artist whose intricate Bookworks elevate and transform unwanted books into exquisite artworks by the meticulous spinning and embroidering of their printed pages. The term up-cycling refers to a process of repurposing an object to enhance its value. Bookworks' are inspired by this philosophy. The books have come from many places: estate sales, charity drives, personal donations, book fairs and independent book shops. Most were damaged and tired. By up-cycling these books, Noelle hopes to reframe and repurpose them while respecting their past lives. She is inspired by the textures of these papers and the way they feel in the hand. In an increasingly digital world, it is with joy that she invites you to share in this experience, and to bring your own stories with you as you consider her work.